About the Birth Center

The Bridge Birth Center

The FIRST Freestanding, Community Birth Center in Vancouver, WA.

Freestanding means this is a true birth center, not the labor and delivery section of a hospital. Community means our birth center has extended privileges to qualified midwives in the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR metro area, providing the most personalized experience possible by allowing individuals to have a wide choice of midwives/midwifery practices.

A birth center is an appropriate birth setting for most people, and is uniquely suited for those seeking personalized care with a midwife, a minimum of interventions during labor and birth, and for those who value taking an active role in their experience.

See if a birth center birth is right for you.

Each suite has a queen size bed and oversized birth pool for a comfortable natural water birth experience.
Spacious birth suites offer the comforts of home and peace of mind of a modern healthcare facility.

Peace of Mind

In Washington State, birth centers are licensed by the state Department of Health. The Bridge is also in the process of becoming accredited by the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers, which means it meets or exceeds the care and administration standards set by the American Association of Birth Centers. Midwives practicing at The Bridge also abide by the standards and practice guidelines of the Midwives Association of Washington State.

The Bridge is centrally located within 5 miles of both major hospitals in Vancouver, WA. We have worked hard to implement Smooth Transitions programs with both hospitals as well as with The Vancouver Clinic midwives. These relationships ensure continuity of care for all our clients, even those who end up needing a little more intervention.

Quality Care

Laboring and giving birth under the guidance of a midwife in a birth center does not mean sacrificing appropriate care or safety. Low intervention does not mean no care or oversight. The birth center is equipped with the necessary medications, supplies, instruments, equipment, and safety protocols for labor and birth.

The Bridge is equipped with the necessary supplies for your midwife to provide optimal, safe, evidence-based care. There is oxygen gas and resuscitation equipment for adults and newborns. IV fluid therapy, while available, is not routine and is used only in specific circumstances. Drugs for treating or preventing excessive blood loss are on site, as are local anesthetics to numb skin and tissues if any stitches are necessary. People wear the clothing of their choice. Cozy bathrobes and towels are in abundance.

Warm and cozy linens, slippers and bathrobes to make your birth experience feel like home.
We believe that all pregnant people deserve to have a safe stress-free birth experience.

Insurance Coverage

The Bridge midwives are in-network with most insurance companies, including Apple Health programs. The Birth Center is also in the process of credentialing with most major Washington based insurers. Discounted facility fees are available on a sliding scale during this time​.

Fee Questions? Contact the birth center’s billing office.

Wondering if you qualify for free or low-cost health care? Check your eligibility for Washington Apple Health here.

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“Lynette was an incredibly positive force in our birth story. She is calm and encouraging during birth and I felt safe and powerful as I brought my son into the world. I tell people giving birth is the most empowering thing I’ve ever done, and Lynette was a big part of making that my reality. I’m so thankful for her.”
Ellen, Nate, and Landon

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